September 24 - 27, 2015

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Parking Information

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Theatergoers at our 9th Annual Festival got to know Tennessee Williams' Circle of Friends.

9th Annual Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival


Tennessee Williams orbited the world among a constellation of friends: playwrights, painters, novelists and composers who, in the 1950s and early 60s were mainstream celebrities at the height of their artistic powers.

These acclaimed men and women kept their private lives private, but shared with each other their secrets and lovers, good parties, a love of words and alcohol, and a belief in hard work as salvation.

The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival invited audiences from around the world to come celebrate those friendships, with eye-opening productions of plays by Williams alongside those of his contemporaries.

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Williams P'Town Guide

Explore Provincetown and the life of Tennessee Williams by downloading our new free guide: Follow in Tennessee Williams' Footsteps. Take a breezy jaunt through time, stopping in at some of the local places that were most meaningful to Williams and his circle of friends.

Feature Article

The September issue of EDGE Magazine included a great feature article on the Festival by Robert Nesti, featuring some great photos and descipriptions of our 2014 shows.

September 2014 - EDGE Magazine


Shows in Special Spaces

Every year, performances by artists from around the country and around the world take place in distinctive Provincetown spaces, where audiences can experience the special flavors that this beautiful, historic seaside town has to offer. September 2014 was no exception:

Photo by Josh AndrusJuliet Brett and Jack Dilday in Jane Bowles' In The Summer House

In The Summer House ran at the Boatslip Resort, where actors performed outdoors on the stairs of the resort, in and around the pool, and in the waters of the Provincetown Bay.

A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur played at 175 Bradford, a 1920s Sears home in the heart of Provincetown. Audiences shared a room with the actors, who used the actual bedroom, bathroom, hallway and stairs as part of the set.

And history lovers got a chance to admire the recently renovated Town Hall, restored to its 1886 glory, during the Festival run of Vieux Carré.

Read more about Provincetown's special performance spaces here.

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